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Investigating The Federal Income Tax: A Report To The American People

Joe Banister is the only IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent ever to investigate allegations of deceitful and illegal conduct in the agency’s administration and enforcement of the federal income tax system, and to report the results of his investigation first to IRS management and executives, and then to the American people. Despite his tremendous credentials and performance awards, Banister’s evidence and concerns about his employer were summarily rebuffed and he was “encouraged” to resign from the agency. He resigned his position in 1999 in order to abide by his oath to support and defend the United States Constitution. You’ll be astounded at what Banister’s investigation found, what he has endured to tell his story to fellow Americans, and the lengths to which the IRS and mainstream media have schemed to discredit and silence him.
Joseph R. Banister - Personal Name
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