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The Little Black Book of Tax Wisdom: Quotes, Quips, & Quiddities Every Tax Advisor Should Know

The Little Black Book of Tax Wisdom is the complete handbook of tax wisdom, past and present. This leisurely read contains a huge collection of amusing tax quotes from Mark Twain, Chris Rock, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Judge Learned Hand, David Letterman, and many more. It is intended for students and tax advisors of all stripes, including certified public accountants, tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents, and the like.

To practice tax law, one must dedicate his or her entire life to understanding the Internal Revenue Code, U.S. Treasury Regulations, relevant case law, and IRS guidance. For anyone considering a tax career or interested in philosophy, politics, or government, herein you will find a treasure trove of entertaining and educational tax quotes from some of history’s greatest thinkers. It was written by award-winning author, Mike Kowis, Esq., and is the perfect complement to his recent book entitled American Tax Trivia: The Ultimate Quiz on U.S. Taxation.
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