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Taxation with Representation: A New Evil: The History of Dividing Our Nation through Class Warfare under the Guise of Fairness

As politicians from both sides of the political spectrum constantly deluge the citizenry with class warfare idioms and clichés, aided by the media, regarding tax policies, we, the people, continually are told the “rich need to pay their fair share.” Or your favorite politician will tell you they are “working for the common man” or the “working-class family,” “working poor,” or the “middle class” while simultaneously creating tax policies that fail to uphold their stated objectives at best and, at worst, outright lie to the public. The politicians’ desire to be reelected outweigh their desire to be honest, and despite their own personal top 1 percent wealth, they continually tell the public they will write laws to punish these same evil rich people, themselves excluded, of course.
James C. Lewis - Personal Name
30 TAX jam
30 TAX jam
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South Carolina
69 p.; 25 cm